About Us

Changes in our schedules due to Covid regulations will be updated regularly on our web page.
Please check before making your way to St-Barnabas. Thank you …
Vaccine passports must be presented ! as of Dec 20

Christmas Eve will be our final service until January the 9th.
St-Barnabas is taking this opportunity to close for the holidays.

A church is more than just bricks and mortar, it also is the people who belong to the community. We are the bricks, and our faith is the mortar. This is the background to our community at St. Barnabas. We love our church building, but we also see ourselves as the body of the church in the community. The church building itself includes the worship space, two halls and four small meeting rooms. One of the rooms also houses our library. The worship space and the lower floors is equiped with a handicap access elevator.
Regarded as a historic Anglican church, since 2010 we have been accepted for grants from the Heritage Foundation. This allowed for the installation of a fire alarm system, and the restoration our beautiful stained glass windows, the repointing of parts of our exterior brick work as well as many other necessary  structural repairs to the building. Restoratation continued into 2015 with a new roof and 2016-2017 with other structural improvements. We look forward with anticipation to seeing old friends come back to worship with us on Sundays, and hope that we will be meeting many new friends who would like to visit or join our community at our beautiful St-Barnabas.

Who We Are

Incumbent: Reverend Brian Perron
Office Hours: send us an email…
Office email barnabas@bellnet.ca
Office phone: (450) 672-5560
Rector’s Warden: Jeffrey Goernert
People’s Warden: Ginette Hay-Ellis
Rector’s Deputy Warden: Shea Harland
People’s Deputy Warden: Bertlyn Joseph
Deanery Representative: Glenn Smith
Synod Representative: David Blizard
Lay Readers: David Blizard
Daniel Thompson
Finance Committee Advisor: Ron Harrison
Envelope Secretary: Laura Prince
Book Keeper: Laura Prince
Property Committee: Paul Carter
Worship & Education: Andrew Louson
Choir President: Barbara Brown
Companions in Faith: Dorothy MacKenzie
Altar Guild: Susan Hill
Ladies Afternoon Guild: Gayna Knowles
Director of Music: vacant
PWRDF: vacant
Parish Communicator: vacant
Update (newsletter): vacant
Parish Council: vacant

Church Groups

Within the parish we have many active groups that always welcome new members and visitors.

Management Unit
Worship & Education Committee
Ladies Afternoon Guild
Property Committee
Finance Committee
Altar Guild
Server’s Guild
Healing Team Ministry
Sunday School

To learn more about any group on the list please call the church office at (450) 672-5560 or email us at barnabas@bellnet.ca We will be happy to answer your questions.